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Can you IMAGINE the IMPACT on the
coming elections
if a
wore these shirts at candidate rallies,
issue rallies, and then
INTO voting locations?!?

POLITICIANS would start SHAKING in their boots
for fear of losing their MONEY CORRUPTING, cushy, political jobs
…especially in CONGRESS and the WHITE HOUSE!


Have you Had enough!?!

First draft of the proposed Amendment to the US Constitution:

That all United States candidates for elected office be barred from receiving any monetary contributions from private parties or business entities for their election campaigns.

That all candidates for United States public office be restricted to express their intentions for running for office only on national public television, national public radio, or dedicated government media channels; and limited in time within normal programming.

That no monetary influence shall be allowed to promote any candidate, by any private party or commercial entity, whether the entity is for-profit, not-for-profit, or non-profit.

That any monetary goods, gifts, or services be barred from being offered or accepted by any elected government elected representative.

Lobbying government representatives to influence those representatives’ votes shall be a criminal offense.

That the United States Electoral College be abolished.

That only popular vote by the public may be counted to elect any representative of the people to any United States government elected office, so that the one person-one vote action truly is the deciding factor in an election.

That the United States Supreme Court Justices shall no longer be appointed for life, but shall be elected in a similar fashion as any other elected United States office candidate, and shall have no power to place a presidential candidate in office. 


 Why demonstrations don’t work:

Though people all over have embraced the “Occupy” type of movement, and have created demonstrations and marches…some end up turning violent and, unfortunately,  most turn out that way.

No real change can ever occur with that approach.

There are all sorts of groups that have popped up, and continue to do so, to try and make a statement against corporate money buying elections, and their lives.

However, in this country, no matter WHAT kind of protest one creates, it ultimately does NO good in the end. In fact, most protest demonstrations get no more press coverage than the local news, and even then, it is not a top story.

One of the major problems with running any type of demonstration or protest is, that if there’s any disorganization or lack of unity, no one pays attention. Another negative aspect of protests is a lack of uniform appearances. For example, most successful marches are done by groups or organizations that wear the same T-shirts and hats, etc., that are highly recognizable by the media.

A uniform appearance gives credence to the organization or movement and rarely creates any type of confrontation with the authorities.

Time to Clean House!
The ONLY way to make it happen!

No matter what people want to do to change anything within the government, the only credible method, and the only one with teeth, is by Constitutional Amendment.

I repeat, by Constitutional Amendment.

Anything else is ignored by the real power which sits in Wall Street. The major financial powers could care less what they see on TV with any “Occupy” or any other type of movement since the only people that they have to ultimately answer to are the ones in Congress or the Supreme Court. And since they own them, and pull their strings by the money that they have invested in their positions, they don’t worry.

People have to realize that corporations are nothing but groups of people. They’re not a separate entity, other than in name only, but a group of people running a business. And granted, these businesses can be huge in size, but when it all comes down to it, it is still nothing but a group of people.

Unfortunately Wall Street, which is made up of primarily corporations, institutions and the ultra-rich, has the money that pulls the strings in Washington.

The power of true representation has been lost. It has been bought out by Wall Street. All the politicians are for sale, and as long as they are able to be controlled by money, they will vote to please the parties or people that put them in office.

That is what makes this movement so much different than any other. This movement is not designed to stop the corporations from doing business. This movement is designed to shake the country back to its original roots and take the money out of buying elections.

One Person – One Vote Part 1

Our Mission:

The main mission of this movement is to put the power of the ONE PERSON – ONE VOTE back into reality where it actually means something. This movement is designed to clean house in Washington.

What is meant by cleaning house in Washington?

Across the United States we will be looking for citizens to replace all the senators and congressmen/congresswomen that are currently in office; along with the president; and the Supreme Court Justices; with persons who truly represent the American people and their wishes – and are not OWNED by Wall Street, Special Interest groups, and Private money!

The Electoral College must also be abolished. It serves no purpose that the American people truly benefit from. It takes away the ONE PERSON – ONE VOTE right of every American citizen. Electoral college persons are under virtually no obligation to vote how the people they represent wish.

The Supreme Court should never have justices who are appointed by a sitting president whose party lines dictate the appointee they choose. And the mere fact that a Supreme Court Justice is appointed for life is an insult. The justices should be elected, defeated, or re-elected just like any other elected official.

Term limits should be abolished. It makes no sense that if a good and responsible representative is doing a good job that he/she should be removed from office by a term limit. It is bad enough to finally get a good representative only to lose them to a term limit, so to remove that limitation would be in the best interest of the people.


One Person – One Vote Part 2

More on our Mission

Now then, getting a constitutional amendment takes time. But the movement has to start somewhere. And the way to start, is to wake up the current occupiers of the White House, the Senate, the House of Representatives, Wall Street, and the Supreme Court.

By putting them on notice that a movement is growing that is made up of citizens who are fed up with the status quo, will shake the foundations of the current way of doing business as usual. It will also bring to light people who are willing to serve in Congress, Senate, the Supreme Court, and the Presidency under the new ONE PERSON – ONE VOTE rule. TRUE REPRESENTATION!

Wall Street would be barred from being able to support with money in any form from any entity – whether private party or organization, whether profit or nonprofit – from aiding or assisting any candidate running for office.

All candidates, running for office, would be limited to only being seen or heard on Public Broadcasting Television or National Public Radio. These two entities were designed for the benefit of all the American people. Every college of any size has a TV broadcasting and radio station, all part of the Public Broadcasting System and National Public Radio.

However, if it becomes necessary, every voting age citizen pays $1 into a special fund to create and run government election channels – both television and radio.

Campaigning, per se, would be limited to a small amount of time that is worked into, for example, an hour block in the three 8 hour shifts, of a 24-hour day. Of that eight hour shift, only one hour may be set aside for political interviews and their platforms.

Depending on how many candidates are running for the office, that hour gets divided evenly into how much time each candidate gets.

For those few people that do not have a TV or a radio, the local newspaper would be allowed to run a small section which would amount to a transcript of the candidate’s hour allotment.

Though not perfect, it is almost inconceivable that a single voting age person would NOT be informed by way of television, radio, or newspaper, and should know what candidates are running and what their positions are.

The bottom line: taking away the ability to buy an election. To truly make every person’s vote count.

You finally get representation that we can all be responsible for and feel that we truly participated in creating a government that truly represents us.

Donate and receive your T-shirts, or other items as they become available, to help support this movement, so that we can afford to get the attorneys and organize groups to help make this amendment journey a reality. Remember, this is the only way, repeat, the only LEGAL way to truly make a change in how the government can become ours again.

Once it has become illegal for money to buy the elections, we will truly have our country back.

Even Wall Street, and the people who work there and drive the country with their money, have already found out that money will not keep them out of prison. And once we have people in Congress, as President, and the Supreme Court, that truly represent our country the way it should be, which is – of, by, and for the people – the task of making this a respected country once again, can begin.

And, not only respected by other countries, but most importantly, by it’s own citizens!


Shock time for taxpayers!

Here are some numbers gathered from various sources on the Web to give you some idea of how many tax dollars are wasted, and additional monies are spent to buy elections.

It costs over $200,000.00 an hour for Air Force One to be flown. Now, just think how much is spent by a SITTING PRESIDENT on Election and RE-Election campaigns for themselves AND for Congressional people!!!!!

That also does NOT include how much MORE is spent in the Secret Service advance services, transportation such as other aircraft, helicopters, bulletproof limousines, other vehicles, hotels, food, etc., ALL for NON-OFFICIAL business for CAMPAIGNING purposes!

The final price tag for the 2016 election is in: $6.5 billion for the presidential and congressional elections combined, according to campaign finance watchdog OpenSecrets.org. The presidential contest — primaries and all — accounts for $2.4 billion of that total. (released April 14, 2017)

If you want some eye-opening numbers spent state by state – and by whom, go to OpenSecrets.Org. It is mind-boggling how much money is spent BUYING ELECTIONS….when that money could do so much more good in our society!

What is sad, is that in almost ALL elections, at ALL levels….the person that spent the MOST MONEY, got ELECTED!
Good, intelligent people who could NOT raise comparable amounts of money, could not compete.

Candidates SHOULD be elected on merit and platforms, not by MONEY and not controlled by THOSE that SUPPLY IT!!!!

 Help is needed to get this movement off the ground!!!

I am just an old fart, 64, and disabled, and need LOTS of help!!

But this method COULD work for ALL of us!

Everything else is JUST TALK.

UNTIL the BIG MONEY is SHUT off….we will NEVER get true REPRESENTATION from our government.


It is NOT just the president….but also ANY elected congressman…and a loaded supreme court.

I am NOT party oriented…I just would like to see ANY AMERICAN get a chance to run for office…WITHOUT having to raise money to do it, and buy their office…and then to OWE favors to the MONEY PEOPLE that footed the bill!


I OWN the design on my t-shirts and my website domain….and I only can DREAM of a sea of voters filling the Washington Mall in red, white, and blue…and making their voices TRULY heard and FELT!!!!


Think about it!

I need people to help build out this website; market; become members; become leaders; become a part of something BIG!

I will soon have a link where everyone can buy their T-Shirts, etc., and show their support for this ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME-CHANCE to REALLY MAKE AN ACTUAL CHANGE IN THIS COUNTRY!


UPDATE: September 2018

I have been reading around the net and have seen many different websites that are wanting to get people active to fight for the PEOPLE’S rights that are getting stomped on, or ignored by the Liberal Media.

So many GOOD people have good ideas, but a very limited audience. Just as many of the websites that I have come across, it has been by pure ACCIDENT, or maybe by following a LINK on someone else’s website.

The bottom line is, too many sites, and they are hidden and scattered, and I think are found as I found them. By ACCIDENT.

Also, more and more reports come up saying that platforms like Facebook are actually BLOCKING conservative posts and videos. And I am sure there are others like that.

And, of course, it is IMPOSSIBLE to get any anti-liberal positive coverage on the big media outlets.


So, what could be a possible and FEASIBLE answer?



Our OWN TV Channel, and if necessary, from our OWN satellite.

No matter HOW liberal Satellite and Cable providers are….MONEY TALKS AND SHIT WALKS!

Pay the fees, and the channel with ALL of the conservative programming telling the TRUTH about what NEEDS to be done to make this a GOD-FEARING and MORAL nation again COULD BECOME A REALITY!

Enough of just talk and rhetoric. There are BILLIONS of DOLLARS just sitting around in the pockets and bank accounts of CONSERVATIVES from ALL walks of life….from the disabled poor who live on Social Security…to the BILLIONAIRE company OWNERS who CLAIM to be Christian…. ALL can contribute to the cause and get OUR channel up and running…and SPREAD the GOOD NEWS to everyone!

Can you just IMAGINE what it would be like to be able to turn on your TV and watch a channel that is NOT filled with FILTH, LIES,TREACHERY, and gave HONEST and UNBIASED news about our Country, Government, and the World?!?!?!!


This movement NEEDS your help!

We NEED to CLEAN HOUSE in Washington and CUT the STRINGS that CONTROL our Politicians!

We NEED to have GOVERNMENT populated with representatives that put Patriotic and Christian citizens FIRST!


This does NOT mean stomping on the religious beliefs of others, but this country WAS founded on Judaeo-Christian beliefs and values, and should go BACK to that foundation.

Since the advent of KILLING BABIES became LEGAL; Prayer being taken OUT of schools; Biblical Monuments REMOVED from Government property;…and now, DEVIATE behavior becoming a COMMON PRACTICE in this country….look at what this county has become!!!


We NEED to get our OWN voice out on the airwaves, cable wires, and satellite dishes!

VOICES that speak for OUR Constitutional RIGHTS and HONEST reporting of the Government’s ACTIVITIES  and the BEHAVIOR and ACTIONS of our properly ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES!!!


Join us NOW!

Help REALLY make America GREAT again! And, not a dumping ground for violence and hatred!

And get rid of this ridiculous farce of the current TWO-PARTY system that has become such an exhibition of juvenile delinquent behavior, and NOT what this country SHOULD be proud of! Neither party can claim to be the party that represents the “AMERICAN PEOPLE”!

They just argue and argue and don’t think like rational adults should. My goodness, do any of them actually WATCH themselves on TV? Also, the party driven TV channels are nothing but shouting contests between the hosts and the guests…and are no better than the subjects they are so-called reporting or commenting on!

Help us Dear God!!